Hillbilly Hen House

Brought to you by the makers of Hillbilly Trailers

We proudly present the newest member of the family - the Hillbilly Hen House produced in Salem Arkansas. These mobile coops are sure to last a lifetime! You can be in charge of the roost when you customize your very own coop! American made and ready to be on its way for just $699 (standard package).

Over 100 options to choose from

Not sure where to start? Check out our premier package. Whether you want to raise some chicks or you want hens in your coop ready to lay, let us help you with your choices today!

Pricing Packages

$699 Standard Coop

$839 Standard Coop with back door (portable 8 pack) option

  • $145 Rear Door Egg Access
  • $145 Inner Roosting Area Access Door
  • $30 starter chickens 8
  • $50 1 to 2 months old chicks
  • $75 3 to 4 month old chicks
  • $95 4 to 6 month old Pullets
  • $120 Laying
  • $20 Feeder
  • $20 Waterer
  • $85 Hardware Cloth (1/2”x1/2”squares)

Available in 50 Custom Colors and Over 100 Choices

Examples of colors would be:
Brown & Black, Green & Black, Charcoal & Black, Burned Slate & Black, Gray & Black

The Hillbilly Hen house also make a terrific Rabbit Cage or MicroGreen House!

Call Us for Information and Details! 870-895-2688

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